Excellent Audio is an essential ingredient!

It is not just a great added bonus, it can make or break your film.

Audio includes dialogue and/or voiceover, soundtrack and sound effects.

All of which have to be mixed and mastered together to create the perfect audio backdrop to your film.

Creating an original soundtrack is our speciality whether it is for a short advert or branding jingle or a longer

A great voice-over can lift a story. A professional voiceover artist can bring your script to life!

At Inspire Creative our expert script writers, story tellers and voice-over artists will ensure that your film not only has a beautifully written script but wonderfully crisp audio which will lift the visuals into a class of their own.

We can do voice-overs in languages including English, American English, Arabic & French.

If you want to hear the effectiveness of the soundtrack, audio and voiceovers of the following films then dare to close your eyes and just listen. Excellent audio is like the breath of life!