Training is a very broad term for what we do!

Before skipping this page ask yourself one question….

Does the quality of your presentation represent the quality of your product?

Whether we like it or not, if we want to succeed we have to perform. It’s not just about the performance of the product it’s about you and how well your product is represented.

In essence we aim to bring a creative mindset into your organisation and use our skills as performers and artistic directors to build confidence and encourage even the most unassuming colleague or employee to take the plunge and step outside their comfort zone!

1 Day Courses:

Speak Now! – Public Speaking Workshop and Training with optional follow-up sessions, tailored programs and individual and/or group coaching

Beat it! – The concept of Unity is at the heart of each member of our own organisation. Music is a perfect example of how vital unity is if we wish to function well. As a group of musicians we cannot work in harmony with each other if we don’t know how to listen to each other or if we always play loudly. Drumming is a universal language which builds confidence, community and literally hits home the importance of listening and hearing our colleagues.

The Theatre of Work – Based on the premise that we are all born to perform the training will be based around role play and the development of various theatre techniques. Developing theatre skills will equip you and your team to represent your company in a new and fresh light putting your product one step ahead of the competition.

The Art of Dynamic Performance – A 1 day workshop combining all of the above skills with a focus on building an atmosphere of excellence through embodying a spirit of encouragement and championing others achievements.

Ice Breakers:

Have you tried an unexpected Ice Breaker to wake up your team at the start of a working day, or even to open a conference or training day?

Just 20 minutes of wild exuberance might just create the environment you are looking for.

Watch this example video as one of our most experienced trainers leads 1,200 members of an international organisation.